We’re all familiar with the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. But here’s another one we should remember- “When life gives you scraps, make a quilt”.

This perfectly describes the real beauty of quilting. It allows us to take the idea of something being “useless” or “unwanted” and transform it something entirely different- something functional, something beautiful. That makes each quilt unique and special; something that could never be replicated in a store-bought item.

Why Make a Quilt?

    • Hobby: Quilt-making is both enjoyable and very rewarding; it’s a great way to show your creativity and use up all of your left over scraps.
    • Demand: Despite the widespread availability of commercial quilts, handmade quilts remain highly sought-after, and often carry far more value than their mass-produced counterparts.
    • Environment: Making a quilt is highly sustainable; it keeps useful materials from ending up in landfills, and helps reduce your overall environmental impact.

Where to Begin?

If you’re just getting started with quilting, there are some basic tools that you’ll need:

    • Fabric Scraps: To start making a quilt, you’ll need fabric scraps. You can either choose fabrics that match your colour scheme, use them to create a pattern, or use fabrics of different colours to create a more random design.
    • Batting: This will be the “filling” of your quilt top. It keeps your quilt warm and helps keep it from wearing out too quickly.
    • Pattern: Whether it’s patchworking, applique or quilting, your chosen pattern will help determine the kind of quilt that you’ll make.
    • Sewing Machine: You’ll need a good quality machine to handle the heavier duty work, so be sure to invest in a sturdy machine.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials and know what pattern you want to make, you can start putting together your quilt! So don’t let your scraps go to waste- when life gives you scraps, make a quilt!

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