Life cereal is the breakfast cereal that was established by the Quaker Oats Company and has been on the market for almost six decades. This cereal has gained an iconic status inside and outside of the breakfast cereal industry during its time being on the market.


It all began in 1961 when the Quaker Oats Company, William Redelfs, and John Hill created the iconic cereal, Life. During its inception, the team wanted to create a nutritious breakfast cereal that still tasted good. And that is what they did.


    • Start of something new: After Life Cereal was created, there were over 500 new brands of cereal on the market by 1975.
    • Nelson and Murdock:The television commercial was depicted by two young brothers, Mike and Ike, to represent the taste of Life Cereal.
    • Taste Focus:The cereal was focused on taste with a flavor akin to cinnamon toast.
    • Nutritional Value: The cereal was also developed to have a high nutritional value with more iron per serving than its competitors.

Life Cereal has been around for almost six decades and has become a staple in many households. This cereal has a sweet, yet healthy profile and has been able to withstand the ever-changing breakfast cereal industry.


Life Cereal was first invented in 1961 by the Quaker Oats Company, William Redelfs, and John Hill. They wanted to create a cereal that was nutritious, yet still had a great flavor. They were successful in their endeavor and the cereal has since become an iconic breakfast option.

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