”When Will My Life Begin” is a song featured in the Disney movie ”Tangled”. It is sung by Rapunzel as she dreams of leaving her tower, exploring the world and discover her identity. The lyrics of this song reflect Rapunzel’s yearning for freedom and longing to make her own way in the world.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of “When Will My Life Begin” express the frustration of feeling trapped and longing for adventure. Rapunzel’s heart is searching for something greater than what she has known for most of her life. Even though she can’t name the thing she is looking for, the lyrics invite us to imagine what that freedom could be like.

Here are some of the most notable lyrics from the song:

    • “There’s strangeness in the air – Rapunzel experiences a feeling that she doesn’t understand. It is a sense of something different and exciting outside of the walls of the tower.
    • “Got so much to do and so much to see / Never enough time – Never enough time – Rapunzel desires to explore and experience all that the world has to offer, but knows that it will take a long time to do this.
    • “Never a wish that took me so high – The dream of freedom brings an exhilarating feeling to Rapunzel that she has never felt before.
    • “What am I supposed to do / Now that I finally see the way life’s supposed to be?” – With new perspectives and understanding, Rapunzel is determined to seize her destiny and undiscovered potential.

“When Will My Life Begin” reveals the power of hope and dreams that can give us the courage to take the steps to make our lives more meaningful.

Listen to the Full Song

Listen to “When Will My Life Begin” Lyrics from Tangled here.

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