It’s been a belief of many that one day all the chaos and evil of society will become so devastating that a purge would be necessary to alleviate the population. But this has only been a myth, up until recently.

Rumor has it that the United States government is currently in the process of planning the Purge – an event that will take place in 2023. This would be based on the premise of the movie franchise, where all crime is legal for one night, and all police and emergency services are suspended for that period of time.

What Are The Purge Rules?

The Purge, if it does take place, will have a few rules:

    • No criminal activity is allowed. This includes murder, theft, assault, and any kind of illegal drugs.
    • No weapons. This includes firearms, knives, and any kind of instrument that could be used to inflict harm.
    • No public gatherings. This includes protests or rallies, as these activities could lead to violence.

Is The Purge Really Happening?

At this point, the answer is still unclear. While some sources say that the Purge is actually in the works, there is no confirmation from the government. Still, some people have already started to make preparations for the event, such as stocking up on food and supplies.

Whether or not the Purge will actually happen in 2023 remains to be seen. But if it does, it is sure to cause a massive disruption in society.

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