We have all heard the phrase “when you come around dry bones, they come to life”. But what does it really mean? Today, we will explore this saying and how it applies to life.

A Refreshing Revelation

From a Christian perspective, this phrase generally alluded to the powers of Jesus in the Old Testament. When Jesus approached the bones of a dead person and commanded them to come to life, his command was literally granted. This was His power to raise the dead.

Today’s Application

Today, this phrase is used to reference a different kind of power – the power of influence and motivation. When one person brings life to another by infusing them with enthusiasm or enthusiasm, that person brings life to the dry bones. They often do this through:

    • Inspirational Words – Sharing inspirational words or stories can have a huge impact on motivating and encouraging another person.
    • Encouragement – Offering words of affirmation and support can help an individual focus on their strengths and move forward with confidence.
    • Positive Actions – Doing something positive for someone else can make all the difference in their outlook and help them to realize their potential.

Final Thoughts

When you come around and provide positive reinforcement, encouragements and applicable advice, you give life to the dry bones, setting them on a new path of growth and abundance. So remember, when we use our influence for good, we can make a lasting impact. Let’s be the light that brings life to dry bones.

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