Based on the light novel series of the same name, No Game No Life is a fan favorite in the anime community. But what kind of ending does No Game No Life deliver?

The Conflict is Resolved

The ending of No Game No Life starts with the resolution of the main conflict. After Sora and Shiro outwit Tet, they are able to force the god of another world to agree to a ceasefire and become their pawn.

The Counterattack Begins

Following the ceasefire, Sora and Shiro assemble a force to begin a counterattack. They draw up players from across the several worlds to win back what was lost and drive out evil forces.

Victory and a New World

The counterattack proves successful as they are able to push back their enemies and reclaim the world. With their forces triumphant and standing triumphant over their foes, Sora and Shiro look down upon their new world.

A Happily Ever After…For Now

The ending of No Game No Life follows the same fairy tale-ish structure as many other shonen and anime. Sora and Shiro are eventually crowned the rulers of their world and live happily ever after.

However, fans of the series are left with a tease of a possible sequel or further adventures, leaving the fate of Sora and Shiro, as well as their new world, up in the air.


The ending of No Game No Life sticks to the typical shonen formula of a happily ever after, but leaves room to explore the next steps for Sora and Shiro. While fans eagerly await a new season, the ending makes it clear that Sora and Shiro are off on a new adventure that we, unfortunately, have yet to see.

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