Christmas is one of the most magical and exciting times of the year, especially for kids! The notion of presents appearing from seemingly thin air is one that has continued through the generations, and been the source of plenty of unbridled joy for children around the world.

But what about in Wobbly Life? So, where are all of the presents?

1. Presents Aren’t Just Brown Boxes

In Wobbly Life, presents don’t come in the form of shiny new toys that are wrapped in paper and waiting to be opened with excitement. Rather, they come in the form of moments of appreciation, gratitude and joy that appear out of the blue. This means that presents aren’t just tangible items, but rather experiences that bring love to the forefront of each and every moment.

2. The Spirit of Giving

In Wobbly Life, giving is incredibly important. The mindset of giving as opposed to receiving is one that holds a huge amount of power and weight. Instead of asking what someone can get out of a certain situation, the emphasis is instead placed on what can be contributed in order to make the lives of those around them just a little bit better.

3. Seeing the Signs

In Wobbly Life, the presents are all around us, we just need to know where to look for them! Taking the time to recognize the small things that show appreciation, kindness and love is a key part of being able to discover them. From a delicious home-cooked meal, to a hug from a loved one – presents in Wobbly Life can be found everywhere, even in the little things.

In summary, presents in Wobbly life are less about the tangible items and more about the experiences and moments that bring love. When we focus the action of giving rather than receiving, open our eyes to the signs around us and take the time to appreciate what we have, then we can find presents everywhere.

So now you know – presents are all around us, in Wobbly Life, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for them!

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