It’s been a few years since Lacey expressed her ongoing struggles with weight loss on My 600Lb Life. Her journey to health has been nothing short of inspiring.

Lacey from My 600Lb Life weighed 605 pounds at her peak. When viewers first met her she was struggling to take care of her son as her severe obesity had seized her quality of life. It was clear she wanted to make a drastic change, so she enlisted the help of bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

Lacey’s Weight Loss Journey


    • Lacey quit smoking, activated a workout plan and made conscious dietary choices.
    • She dropped to 470 pounds and eventually had to have her lower left leg amputated due to a partial foot necrosis caused by her obesity.
    • She stopped losing weight at 402 pounds.
    • Lacey underwent several skin removal surgeries following her dramatic weight loss.

Where Is Lacey Now?

Lacey has successfully kept the weight off. Since her appearance in 2016, she has become a certified personal trainer. Lacey’s Instagram followers have followed her journey as she promotes herself as an advocate for women.

Lacey appreciates her platform and uses it to encourage other people to reach their optimum health. She regularly shares her journey to inspire other gym enthusiasts.

Lacey’s story is a testimony to the promise of transformation and determination. It is an excellent example of why it pays off to strive and push forward despite setbacks.

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