Pauline is one of the many people featured on TLC’s hit reality show, My 600-Lb Life, which follows morbidly obese individuals in their journey of weight loss and regaining their lives. Since her first appearance on the show, Pauline has become a fan favorite, with many viewers being touched by her story. So, just where is Pauline from?

Early Life

Pauline was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, in the south-central area of the state. She was a stay-at-home mother and grandmother who had experienced a traumatic life, having been abused both physically and emotionally as a young girl.

Weight Gain

As a result, Pauline turned to food for comfort, leading to an excessive weight gain over the years. By the time she weighed in for her episode, she was 605 lbs. At first, Pauline was resistant to change and refused help from her children or her doctor. However, after her daughter staged an intervention, Pauline finally decided to take charge of her life and journey down the path of recovery.

Weight Loss and Current Status

Since her episode first aired in 2017, Pauline has made great progress. She has lost more than 200 lbs and is now closer to 400. Additionally, in 2018 she was able to receive the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which helps her continue her weight loss journey.

Pauline is now proud and continues to battle against her obesity. She is also now compassionate and proud of being able to help others who face difficult challenges. Her goal is to reach a healthy weight and to serve as an inspiration to her children and grandchildren.

Despite her recent success and the support from her fans, Pauline still faces many challenges. However, with determination and resilience, Pauline will continue to strive for a healthier lifestyle.


Pauline has become a shining example and beacon of motivation not just on My 600-Lb Life, but to other individuals in similar situations. We wish her all the best as she continues down her weight-loss journey.

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