Tara, an inspiring individual who appeared on My 600 lb Life, has shown how it’s possible to transform one’s life with the right attitude and support. She achieved unbelievable results by losing an impressive amount of weight, but where is she now?

Tara’s Journey on My 600 lb Life

Tara, aged 31, was featured on the fifth season of My 600 lb Life, a show which documents the transformations of individuals with very high body weights. As a dedicated viewer of the show herself, Tara managed to transform her own life by losing an incredible 183 pounds over the course of the season.

Where Is Tara Now?

Since appearing on the show, Tara has gone from strength to strength. She’s managed to keep the weight off and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. She currently lives in Missouri and is a full-time hairdresser.

Tara’s Inspiring Transformation

When Tara joined the show, she weighed over 700 pounds, but with the right attitude and support, she was able to make a massive change in her life. Through adapting her lifestyle and exercising regularly, she managed to lose 183 pounds and become a healthier version of herself.

Tara’s Future

Though Tara can celebrate her amazing transformation, she still finds it difficult to manage her remaining ailments and adjust to succeeding with her weight loss. She aims to continue on a healthy path, and wants to inspire others who are going through similar struggles.

Final Thoughts

Tara has shown us the power of transforming our lives and inspired us to become healthier versions of ourselves. She motivates us all to set goals, stay dedicated and believe in ourselves. And if we do, amazing things can happen.


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