Do you never want to sleep in the same place two nights in a row and leave a path of adventure, exploration, and ultimately a unique lifestyle in your wake? Then, take the plunge and transition into Van Life. It’s a fully equipped moving home that requires, at times, finding the right spots to park.

With Van Life, you can enjoy the freedom of driving all over the world, allowing you to experience the journey, however, there are times when you need to stop and rest. If you’re just getting started with Van Life, the idea of finding a place to park may seem daunting. Below we’ll discuss a few parking options for the novice Van Life adventurer.

National/State/Regional Parks and Forests

These parks generally offer basic facilities such as bathrooms, campgrounds, and picnic areas. Some parks with campgrounds may charge a fee; however, the price is very reasonable and often includes running water, electricity, and shower access.

Overnight Parking Lots

Other Van Life adventurers have parked their vehicles overnight in parking lots like Walmart, rest stops, truck stops and similar commercial facilities. This method works best when you have all relevant documents and your driver’s license is up-to-date.

Friends and Family

Nothing beats staying with family or friends, who are possibly more than happy to host you. Even if it is a night or two, it is absolutely gratifying to the people that care about you.

Leased Property

If you plan on staying in a location for an extended period of time, then leased property could be an ideal option. You can also negotiate paid leases with private landowners, which helps out both parties.

Additionally, rented houses, hostels, and hotels are essential for restoring your energy and recharging your electronic devices. Restaurants, cafeterias and grocery stores are also great options to save on food while still having a well-balanced diet.

To conclude, Van Life is an exciting and liberating lifestyle. Finding the right spot to park is essential and there are plenty of options for all type of adventurers. Visit your local parks, store lots and private properties. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of staying with family and friends.

Happy travels!

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