The 2000 action-drama film Proof of Life follows the story of a hostage negotiator sent to South America to help free a British engineer who’s been kidnapped by guerrillas. Directed by Academy-award-winning director Taylor Hackford, this film boasted an all-star line up of actors, including Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe and David Morse.

The movie was partly filmed on location in Colombia and Ecuador. Here are the places that truly gave the movie its magical atmosphere:


  • Cali: Many outdoor scenes were filmed in this city in southwestern Colombia.
  • Chapinero: Several scenes were shot in the streets, the hospital and a house in this district in the Central and Western parts of the city.
  • San Jacinto: A village located in Bolívar, where the famous fire scene was filmed.


  • Cayambe: A small city situated in the Central Ecuador, this is where Meg Ryan’s character arrived during the first part of the movie.
  • Archidona: Located roughly 100 km away from Quito, this city provided the filming locations for several important scenes. In particular, parts of the Palacio Legislativo and the markets were used.
  • Jamanstás: The village of Powys and its fields were located in this small town.

Thanks to its spectacular filming locations, Proof of Life is a movie still remembered by many fans of action-drama movies.

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