The critically acclaimed Life is Strange franchise has seen numerous entries and it can be tough to decide which one is the best. Here is a look at all the Life is Strange games and which one you should try first.

Life is Strange

The original Life is Strange follows the story of Max Caufield, a photographer who discovers she has the power to rewind time. As she delves deeper into the mysteries of her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Max soon learns that time changes more than events. This moving story touches on friendship and memory, with a cast of memorable characters like Chloe Price and Nathan Prescott. Life is Strange has a strong cult following and was nominated for multiple awards.

Life is Strange 2

Taking place several years after the events of the first game, Life is Strange 2 focuses on brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz. After a heartbreaking incident at home, the brothers embark on a journey across the United States, looking for a better life. Life is Strange 2 tackles themes such as racism and police brutality, as the two brothers find themselves navigating an increasingly treacherous landscape.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Before the Storm is a prequel to the events of the first Life is Strange, focusing on the characters of Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. Set three years before the events of the first game, players take control of 16-year-old Chloe as she deals with the aftermath of her father’s death and discovers her burgeoning friendship with Rachel. Before the Storm was critically acclaimed for its strong characters, engaging story and poignant themes.

The Verdict

No matter which game in the series you choose, you’re sure to be rewarded with great storytelling and memorable characters. But if you had to pick just one, the original Life is Strange is the best starting point. With its emotional story and great soundtrack, it’s an easy decision. So if you’re looking to try Life is Strange for the first time, the original is a great place to start.

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