It is important to understand the half-life and decay mode of a given nuclide and how they are related. The half-life of a nuclide is the time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample to decay. The decay mode defines the specific type of radiation emitted during the decay process.


    • Half-Life: 4.468 Billion Years
    • Decay Mode: Alpha Decay

Thorium 232

    • Half-Life: 14 billion years
    • Decay Mode: Alpha Decay


    • Half-Life: 2.144 Million Years
    • Decay Mode: Beta Decay


    • Half-Life: 138.376 Days
    • Decay Mode: Alpha Decay


    • Half-Life: 24,110 Years
    • Decay Mode: Alpha Decay

These are just a few examples of nuclides and their associated half-lives and decay modes. It is important to understand the physics behind the decay and half-life of nuclides when dealing with various radiation sources.

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