Life jackets are a vital piece of safety gear for all boaters. Knowing some key facts about life jackets can ensure you make a fully informed decision when purchasing one. Here are the true statements about life jackets that any boater needs to know:

Always Wear a Life Jacket

    • It is the law: Depending on your location, you may be legally required to wear a life jacket when on board a boat. Check with your local water authority to know the rules before you set out.
    • Protection in the Water: Even if it’s not required, wearing a life jacket is the only way to guarantee your safety should you find yourself suddenly in the water.

Style Matters

    • Fit: It’s important to find a life jacket that fits you well and is comfortable. The vest should be snug and not ride up above your chin or shoulders when buckled.
    • Type: Depending on the type of water activity you’re engaged in and your age, child-sized and adult-sized life jackets come in different shapes and sizes for optimum performance.

Maintenance & Testing

    • Regular inspection: Inspect your life jacket before and after use to verify the straps and buckles are undamaged and functioning properly.
    • Replace as necessary: Over time, the buoyancy material of life jackets will loose its ability to keep you afloat. Be sure to replace it regularly to guarantee your safety.

In conclusion, understanding the true statements about life jackets is essential for all boaters. Following the rules and guidelines for fit, style and maintenance of your life jacket will ensure your safety when out on the water.

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