Barry Goldberg is a character from ABC’s comedy series, The Goldbergs. He is portrayed by actor Troy Gentile, and is one of the main characters. He is often goofier than the rest of his family, but still loves them deeply. But who does this eccentric character end up with in real life?

The Real Life Answer

Barry Goldberg remains unmarried in real life. He is currently single, but perhaps one day he will meet his ideal partner. He is often seen on-screen to be passionate, goofy, funny, and loving – all qualities that anyone would want in a romantic partner.

The Goldberg’s Pour Up

On the show, Barry has been romantically linked to a few people. These include:

    • Lainey Lewis: Played by Aj Michalka, Barry and Lainey was once a classic high school couple. Despite the two having a rollercoaster relationship, their true love could not be denied.
    • Emily: Emily is the daughter of Beverly’s friend Debbie and a love interest of Barry’s in Season 3. She’s very artistic and the two share a passion for classic movies.
    • Glascott:Glascott is a love interest of Barry’s in Season 6. Despite the two clearly having a connection, Barry is too paranoid to pursue a relationship with him.

Final Thoughts

In real life, the actor Troy Gentile that plays Barry Goldberg is happily single and enjoying the dating game. On the show, Barry has had many on-screen relationships with some interesting characters. Who knows, maybe one day he will find his one true soulmate.

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