CallMehBob, otherwise known as Bob, is an American streaming live on twitch, who focuses primarily on playing a variety of video games. Although he is primarily known by his gaming name, in real life, he is an active college student, who is working towards a degree in Computer Science.

Work and Education

Bob is currently a student at a college in the United States, where he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science. In addition to his studies, Bob also has a part-time job working as a technician for a software development company.

Ambitious Goals

When Bob isn’t studying or working, he is streaming on Twitch. He has aspirations to become a full-time streamer and eventually make a living off of gaming. Bob also hopes to use his platform on Twitch to help others and speak out about important topics.


Aside from gaming, Bob enjoys a variety of hobbies, such as:

    • Reading
    • Exploring Nature and Parks
    • Movie Watching

At the end of the day, Bob is a highly knowledgeable, ambitious and passionate individual. His drive and determination are admirable, and he won’t settle for anything but success.

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