Garren is an entrepreneur, investor, and personal brand building expert known for his work on The Bell Life. He is the founder of Boldly, a personal branding and networking platform, and author of the bestselling book Maximize Your Social: Turn Your Online Presence Into a Personal Brand Empire.

Garren’s Advice on Building an Online Brand

Garren is a strong advocate for building a powerful and engaging online presence. He has developed several principles over the years, which include:

    • Focus on Quality: Take your time to create good content and effective strategies for using it.
    • Promote Yourself: Utilize your networks to spread the word about your business, you, and your ideas.
    • Be Professional: Always present yourself in a professional way online and offline.
    • Be Authentic: Show your true personality, skills, and values to attract more people to your brand.
    • Think Big: Believe in yourself and always think big when it comes to promotion, partnerships, and collaborations.

The Bell Life

The Bell Life is a digital platform created by Garren for entrepreneurs to learn and connect with other professionals in their fields. It provides a variety of information to entrepreneurs, from interviews to advice on building an online presence. The platform is constantly expanding and growing, with more and more professionals joining.

In addition to the blog posts, tutorials, and webinars, The Bell Life also offers a live event series that takes place in Los Angeles and New York City. These events feature exciting speakers, exclusive networking opportunities, and activities to help entrepreneurs grow their skills.


Garren is an excellent example of an entrepreneur and personal brand building expert. His advice, platform, and events are tailor-made for entrepreneurs and are sure to help them lead a successful professional life.

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