Tom Cruise has had a few relationships over the years. But the most important one, to him, is the one that has been by his side for almost ten years now.

Nicole Kidman

The first woman to capture Tom Cruise’s heart was Nicole Kidman. The two married in December of 1990 and had two adopted children; Isabella and Connor. They were married for 11 years before splitting in 2001.

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise’s relationship with Katie Holmes didn’t last as long, but the couple was together from April of 2005 to June of 2012. They had one child together, Suri.

Present Day:

Tom Cruise is currently in a relationship with Vanessa Kirby, whom he met on the set of Mission Impossible: Fallout in 2017.

Who He will Love Forever

No matter who Tom Cruise has been with in the past, it is clear who will always hold a special place in his heart. His daughter Suri is the love of his life and he has always made her a priority. Tom is incredibly proud of the young woman she is becoming and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her.


Tom Cruise may have had love in various relationships over the years, but it is clear who holds the most important place in his heart. His daughter Suri is the love of his life. While he may continue to search for the perfect romantic partner, no one can replace the one person that has been with him from the beginning – his daughter who will always be the most important one in his life.

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