The real Kato from BMF, short for Black Mafia Family, is Terrence Lamar Davis, a former street hustler from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a former member of the rap group ‘Dey Know’ and he is also known as “TrapGod Kato”.

Early Life and Involvement with BMF

Terrence Lamar Davis is the real Kato from BMF. He grew up in Atlanta,Georgia and was part of the rap group ‘Dey Know’. In the late 90s, Davis became a street hustler and a member of the Black Mafia Family. He was in charge of distributing cocaine and became one of the most notorious figures in the BMF.

Criminal Record and Arrest

Davis has a lengthy criminal record, including charges for drug possession and distribution, robbery, forgery and gun possession. He was convicted of trafficking cocaine in 2007 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He served 12 and a half years of his sentence in federal prison before his release in October 2019.

Life After Being Released from Prison

After his release from prison, Davis has been active in working with young people to help reduce crime and violence in areas of Atlanta devastated by drug violence. He has started a foundation for at-risk youth and has provided financial assistance to those affected by gun violence in the city. He is also in the process of launching a clothing line and making a movie about his experiences, as well as launching a YouTube channel.


The real Kato from BMF is Terrance Lamar Davis, a former street hustler who served 12 and a half years in federal prison. After being released, he has dedicated his time to giving back to the community, helping young people and victims of gun violence, and launching a clothing line and movie about his experiences.

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