This has been one of the biggest questions for fans of the soap opera Days Of our Lives, who killed beloved Abigail Devereaux one fateful day in Salem? Read on to find out who is responsible for the death of this beloved character.

The Suspects

    • Paul Neri: Paul Neri had a long-standing feud with Abigail. His hatred for her seemed to be bordering on obsession and it was clear he would go to great lengths to take revenge.
    • Andre DiMera: Andre was a powerful member of the DiMera family, who had more than enough reason to want Abigail gone. He had been feuding with his own family for many years, so this could have been his way of lashing out.
    • Victor Kiriakis: Victor is known for his brutal nature and his grudges are known for lasting for many years. He had a dislike for Abigail and this could have been his way of exacting revenge.
    • Ben Weston: Ben had a history of mental illness, and had even been institutionalized in the past. He had recently been released and wanted to start fresh, but his emotional state was fragile and could have led to him lashing out and killing Abigail.

The Reveal

After an extensive investigation and many tense moments, the killer was finally revealed to be Paul Neri. His obsession and hatred with Abigail had boiled over and he was unable to control himself, leading to her death.

After his capture, Paul was sentenced to life in prison for the crime he committed.

Abigail’s death left a lasting mark in the world of Days Of our Lives and it will never be forgotten.

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