Life WTR is a unique company with a revolutionary mission: to inspire creativity as a source of universal wellness. But who is behind this groundbreaking effort?


Life WTR is a brand owned and managed by huge beverages corporation PepsiCo. The beverage giant already held a commanding position in the global nonalcoholic beverage market and its brand portfolio contained some of the world’s top cola, snacks, and snacks-like products.

The Mission

PepsiCo created Life WTR to challenge the status quo and make disruptive and positive social impact. The mission of the brand is to “unleash creativity, bring connectedness and curb the growing pandemics of dehydration, depression and irrelevance around the globe.” The brand reveals a clear mission, to provide clean and safe hydration solutions to everyone.

Advantages of Life WTR

Life WTR provides a unique combination of advantages:

    • Pure Ingredients: Life WTR is developed with pure ingredients and never contains artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
    • Unique Bottles: Life WTR bottles are designed to inspire those in need of creativity and connectedness. The bottles come in four different designs, which change with the season.
    • High-Quality Standards: Life WTR meets the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring you’re getting the best possible product.
    • Competitive Prices: Life WTR offers competitive prices, keeping itaccessible to everyone.


Through its mission and unique combination of advantages, Life WTR is making a real difference in the world. By providing clean and safe hydration solutions at competitive prices, PepsiCo’s Life WTR is aiming to make a positive social impact on a global scale.

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