Philip Carey played the role of Asa Buchanan on the long-running soap opera One Life to Live. Philip Carey was a veteran actor, who had been performing in television, film and theatre since the 1960s when he was first cast as Asa in 1983.

Asa Buchanan’s Character

Asa Buchanan was known on the show for his gentlemanly charm, his playboy antics and his larger-than-life energy. Asa was a billionaire oil magnate, who was always looking for ways to make money and for excitement. He had a complicated family, including his son Bo and daughter Renee, as well as a complicated love life that often threw drama into the mix.

Notable Asa Buchanan Storylines

Asa was a character that was involved in many soap opera storylines throughout his years on the show. A few notable ones include:

    • Asa’s Schemes: From his questionable business dealings to his marriage to various women, Asa wasn’t afraid to come up with a scheme to get what he wanted.
    • Buchanan Family Feuds: Asa had an intense rivalry with his ex-wife, Victoria, and would do whatever it took to come out on top in their battle.
    • Asa and Renee Reunited: After many years of estrangement, Asa was eventually reunited with his daughter Renee, who he had believed was dead.

Philip Carey’s Legacy

Philip Carey is remembered fondly by One Life to Live fans for his outstanding performance as Asa Buchanan. He was a beloved actor and a true soap opera legend. Philip Carey passed away in 2009, but his performance as Asa remains beloved by fans to this day.

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