Back in October of 2017, Reddit user “BothersomeBopper” posted a curious thread on r/CasualConversation. He wrote: “Anyone know who the watcher in real life Reddit is?” He was referring to a mysterious figure who seemed to lurk in real life, observing and documenting the secrets of everyday citizens.

When this thread was posted, no one knew who the watcher was or where he came from. The only clues we had to go on were the cryptic posts that he wrote on various Reddit threads. In them, he described observing people in public and taking note of their conversations and activities.

What We Know About the Watcher

    • They had a strong interest in privacy and observing – One of the defining characteristics of the Watcher was their interest in privacy and surveillance. They were fascinated by the way people behave in public and were eager to document and discuss it.
    • The Watcher seemed to have a network of observers – While the Watcher primarily posted in r/CasualConversation, it seemed as though they had a network of other obsevers that could report on things happening in various public places. This would explain why some of their posts included reports from different locations.
    • The Watcher vanished as quickly as they appeared – After a few weeks of posting cryptic messages, the Watcher suddenly vanished. No one has heard from them since and it’s unclear what happened to them.

Speculation as to Who the Watcher Might Be

There are a few theories as to who the Watcher might have been. Some believe they were an artificial intelligence created to monitor and observe the public. Others think they were an augmented intelligence with access to surveillance technology. Still others believe they were a group of people with an interest in documenting the secrets of everyday life.

Whatever the case, it seems the Watcher was an interesting and mysterious figure who left us all with more questions than answers. We may never know who they were or what their motives were, but they certainly made their mark on the Reddit community.

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