Starbucks For Life is the popular no-fee loyalty program by Starbucks. Its aim is to reward its members with the opportunity to win free drinks for life. Starbucks offers several methods for its members to participate in the program, such as using the Starbucks app or participating in promotion-specific contests.

Winners of Starbucks For Life

The program has been running for several years, and Starbucks has rewarded a great number of lucky participants with their reward of Starbucks for Life. Here are some notable winners of the program:

    • Erin Gilbert, who won in 2017: Erin Gilbert was one of five initial grand prize winners of the 2017 Starbucks for Life promotion. The prize included free Starbucks beverages and Starbucks products every day, no expiration date.
    • Natalie Bogdan, who won in 2019: Natalie Bogdan made Starbucks history when she became the first-ever winner of the coveted grand prize of “Starbucks for Life.”
    • Treyvon Bird, who won in 2020: 19-year-old Treyvon Bird from Michigan was the winner of the 2020 Starbucks for Life promotion. For Treyvon, this meant receiving a Star Code worth $56,575, which could be cashed in for free Starbucks products until the end of his life.

How To Win Starbucks For Life?

The Starbucks For Life program is seasonal, with the opportunity to win prizes appearing at various times throughout the year. Starbucks is known for coming up with interesting and creative ways to make their program even more fun, so it’s best to stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled.

    • Sign up and use the Starbucks Rewards program. This is the best way to take advantage of the rewards and chances to win that Starbucks For Life offers.
    • Participate in any special promotions that Starbucks runs. By using the various methods that Starbucks offers for participation, members increase their chances of winning.
    • Keep your eyes open for any new promotions or opportunities. Starbucks continuously adds new promotions and amazing opportunities to win.

Starbucks For Life is a great loyalty program for Starbucks members. Everyone loves the chance to get free drinks for life, and the program offers it to its members. Starbucks’ past winners are a testament to the program’s ability to fulfill its promise, and the potential for more winners in the future is very exciting. Best of luck to everyone who takes part in the program!

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