The much-loved show Chasing Life was a hit teen drama about a young journalist with a life-threatening illness. Much to the shock of its loyal fan base, the show was cancelled only two seasons into its run.

Low Ratings

Foreign ratings indicate a cause for the show’s untimely demise. The first season’s overseas viewership was 1.1 million viewers and tied to the Pretty Little Liars franchise. The second season ratings dropped to 0.7 million viewers. The producers stopped investing in the show once the figures dropped to such low levels.

Competition from Other Teen Dramas

The genre of teen dramas has exploded in recent years with the hugely successful Stranger Things, Big Little Lies, and Riverdale. Many of these shows have attracted larger audiences and more award recognition than ‘Chasing Life’, prompting producers to pull the plug.

The Show’s Story and Characters

The show focused on a young journalist, April, who is diagnosed with cancer. Despite the show’s unique premise, some critics felt that the storyline was too dark and depressing and lacked the sense of hope and positivity that lesser teen drama’s would explore. The characters had become one-dimensional and predictable, so it left little to be explored further.


In conclusion, ‘Chasing Life’ was cancelled due to low ratings, increased competition from other teen dramas, and a lack of originality in the story and charaters. While fans may be heartbroken about the cancellation of their favourite show, sometimes production companies must take difficult decisions in order to keep up with the ever-changing trend in television.

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