We all have moments that we wish we had done things differently. Moments where we have done something foolish and ruined what was good in our lives. It can leave us asking the question, why do I destroy everything good in my life?

Internal Negativity

Often, our inner dialogue can play a significant role in the destruction of our successes. We often tell ourselves that we are not good enough, that things will go wrong, or that we have no chance of achieving certain goals. This negativity snowballs and can eventually lead us to sabotage whatever good is currently in our lives.

Fear of Success

The fear of not being able to live up to expectations or achieve success in our desired field can also cause us to significantly damage the good in our lives. We may worry that if we achieve our desired goal, we might not be happy or that something bad may happen due to our success. We can end up avoiding dealing with the good in our lives, thereby ushering in its demise.

Unhealthy Behaviors

Sometimes, we may behave in unhealthy or destructive ways without realizing it. We may make poor decisions or engage in a cycle of negative coping mechanisms. Our unhealthy behaviors can add further fuel to the fire and result in us destroying whatever good we have been trying to do.

Protecting Yourself

At a basic level, we may subconsciously be attempting to protect ourselves and what good we have achieved. We may fear the thought of putting ourselves in a situation where we risk failure or ridicule and so, instead, turn to destroying what is good in our lives.

What Can I Do?

    • Monitor Your Self-Talk: Monitor how you talk to yourself, become aware of your negative thoughts, and when they appear, talk back to them positively. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself of your achievements and successes.
    • Practice Self-Care: Practice self-care and make positive changes in your life. Find an activity that you enjoy and equip yourself to take on challenges with the tools you need to succeed.
  • Accept Change: Remind yourself that change is unavoidable. It is part of life and can often bring great opportunities.

We can be our own worst enemies at times and destroying the good in our lives can be a means of protection. However, by actively making positive changes, monitoring our internal dialogue, and accepting change, we can protect the good in our lives.

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