Life 360 is a smartphone app designed to help families stay connected, track each other’s whereabouts, and ensure everyone’s safety. But sometimes, the app doesn’t seem to update your location—so why is that?

1. Poor Connection

One of the most common reasons that Life 360 might not update your location is because it has difficulty connecting to the GPS satellites. This can occur if you are in an area with poor mobile phone coverage, or if there is a lot of electromagnetic interference, such as around airports or power plants.

2. Weak Battery

If your phone’s battery is running low, it might not be able to maintain an accurate connection to the GPS satellites, which could cause Life 360 to not update your location. To fix this, make sure that your phone is not in battery-saving mode, and that your battery is charged up enough.

3. Third-Party Issues

If there are any issues with third-party services that are used by Life 360 (such as Google Maps), this can cause your location to not update on the app. To resolve this, try restarting the app and check to see if there are any updates available.

4. Incorrect Location Services Settings

Finally, it is possible that the settings for location services on your phone might be wrong or disabled. This can cause Life 360 to not update your location. To fix this, make sure that your location services are turned on and that “Allow Life 360 to access this device’s location” is enabled.

Overall, there can be several reasons why Life 360 doesn’t update your location. If you are experiencing this issue, make sure to check your phone’s battery, location services settings, and the third-party services it relies on.

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