Life can be hard at times, and often it feels like it’s just too difficult to cope with. But why do we feel like this? Let’s explore why life can seem to suck so bad.

Pressure to Succeed

In an increasingly competitive world, we can often feel pressure to succeed and to live up to the expectations of others. Whether it’s having a good job, a nice house or the perfect relationship, this pressure can become overwhelming. We can see the success of others, and it can make us question our own abilities.


In this hyper-connected world, it can often be difficult to avoid comparing ourselves with others. No matter where we turn, we can see the things that other people have that we don’t, and this can cause us to feel inadequate. We can also find ourselves competing with our friends and loved ones instead of celebrating their achievements.

Lack of Gratitude

We can also easily fail to practice gratitude for the things we do have in our lives. We often take for granted the good things that we have, and this can lead to feeling ungrateful and dissatisfied with life.

Coping Strategies

Fortunately, there are ways to improve our outlook on life. Here are three tips for coping with life’s struggles:

    • Focus on What You Have – Take a moment each day to appreciate the good aspects of your life and what you are grateful for.
    • Be Kind to Yourself – Negative self-talk isn’t helpful, so strive to speak kindly to yourself as you would to a good friend.
    • Seek Support – If needed, reach out to friends and family or a mental health professional to get the support you need.

Learning to cope with life’s struggles is a journey, but it’s possible to come out the other side feeling more confident and capable. With more mindful practices and self-care strategies, we can learn to appreciate life and all of its ups and downs.

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