The United States Air Force strives to provide its service members and their families the best Quality of Life (QoL) available. By offering a variety of benefits and amenities, the Air Force is able to ensure that Air Force members and their families can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle with matchless career opportunities.

Tuition Assistance

The Air Force offers Tuition Assistance to its members, which allows them to earn a college degree without incurring high costs. This assistance can be used to attend both traditional and digital colleges and universities. So Air Force members can further their education and also save on tuition costs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Benefits

The Air Force provides comprehensive health care benefits to its members and their families. This includes free medical, dental and vision care. This gives Air Force members peace of mind, and a better quality of life by knowing their families’ medical bills are taken care of.

Additional Benefits

The Air Force provides additional advantages for its members, such as:

    • Housing Assistance – Air Force members receive subsidies to assist with their housing costs and receive preferential housing allotment rights.
    • Unlimited Vacations – Air Force members are entitled to a generous amount of annual vacation which never expires.
    • Retirement Benefits – After serving 20 years of active duty, Air Force members can retire and receive full pay and excellent benefits. This includes medical care, housing allowances and more.
    • Monthly allowances – Air Force members receive monthly pay, housing allowance, hazardous duty pay, and other allowances that can significantly boost a member’s overall financial status.

The Air Force offers a broad medley of programs and benefits to its members to enable them to have the highest quality of life possible. With comprehensive health care benefits, generous vacation time, high pay and retirement benefits, the Air Force provides its members with tremendous opportunities for stability, advancement and growth.

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