It can be disheartening when everyone seems to be leaving our life, but it may be part of God’s plan. It’s a difficult and confusing time for us, but there are some things that can make us understand why God is removing people:


God works in mysterious ways and trusting His plan is essential. He will bring more people into our lives, but not necessarily when or why we need them. We must remember that His plan is perfect, and while we do not understand why it may seem as if everyone is leaving, He will have a purpose.

Growth and Maturity

Sometimes, God removes people from our life to help us grow and mature. These people may have become a crutch for us, or maybe we needed to become more independent in order to gain a sense of self-worth. Whatever the situation, God may be trying to push us to become our own individual.

New Opportunities

God could be opening new doors and sending new people into our life to shake things up a bit. He may be trying to give us a chance to try something we’ve always wanted to do or help us discover something new.

Reveal Our True Purpose

Often times people can get distracted by the wrong people or goals. God may be removing people so that we can focus on our true purpose and path. He knows what’s best for us, and sometimes it requires pushing away some people or distractions.

No matter what our situation may be, it’s important to remember that God has our best interest in mind. He may be removing people from our life to guide us on a better path for His glory.

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