Life 360 is a location-tracking app designed to help families stay connected, but it can be frustrating when the app fails to accurately report the location of your family members. If you’re wondering why Life 360 isn’t updating your family’s location, below are some possible reasons why.

Location Services Not Enabled

The first thing to check is whether the location services on the device are enabled. To do this, go to the Settings and then Privacy menu. Under “Location Services” make sure it’s turned on and that ‘Life360’ has been given permission to use the location services.

Location Services Frequency

On the same page, you can also determine how often Life360 should update the location. There is an option labelled ‘Frequent Updates’ which suggests more frequent updating should be enabled. If this option has been disabled, then it might be the cause of your update problems.

Device Activity

The device which is being tracked may also be consuming too much energy in order to update the location, leading to slower updates. This could be caused by a number of things, such as running a lot of background applications or playing too many games. Try closing down any unnecessary applications or turning down the display brightness to reduce the energy consumed.


Another potential issue is that the device does not have access to a strong Wi-Fi signal. Life360 syncs with your family’s devices via Wi-Fi, and if there is a weak signal, the connection could be slow. To get the best experience from Life360, be sure to keep the devices in range of a good Wi-Fi connection.

Airplane Mode

If the device being tracked is in airplane mode, then this will stop the location from being reported. To fix this, simply go to the device’s settings and disable airplane mode.

Overall, there are many potential causes of location updates not coming through on Life360. To get the best performance out of the app, make sure to keep location services on, disable airplane mode and ensure there is a strong Wi-Fi connection.

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