DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material that contains the instructions for building, maintaining and operating an organism. It is the molecule that stores and passes on information for the growth, development and functioning of living things.

Why is DNA Called the Blueprint of Life?

DNA is often referred to as the “blueprint of life” because it holds the instructions necessary for the development and functioning of all living organisms. It contains the genetic code that controls how the organism develops, how it functions and how it reproduces. All the information needed to create a creature and keep it alive is carried within the DNA.

Key Reasons DNA is Known as the Blueprint of Life:


    • It Holds Unique Information: DNA contains unique information about a specific organism. No two creatures have exactly the same DNA, giving every organism its own unique characteristics.
    • It Controls Development: DNA controls the development of the organism from a single cell to a fully formed creature. It instructs the body on how to create and maintain itself.
    • It Determines Health and Physical Traits: DNA contains the instructions for creating traits such as hair and eye color, shape and size of the body, and even how the organs will function.
    • It Guides Behavior: DNA contains the instructions to guide the behavior of an organism. Each creature is programmed to react in a certain way and pursue certain activities to ensure its survival.

DNA is, therefore, the ultimate foundation of life, controlling the development and functioning of all living things. With its immense capacity to carry and pass on genetic information, it can be described as the blueprint of life.

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