Life Size is an iconic movie beloved by all, yet it is not currently streaming on Disney+ for new viewers or devotees of the original broadcast. There are several potential factors that explain why popular Disney movies may not be available for streaming on Disney+…

Rights and Licenses

Disney+ acquires and licenses movies from various sources, and the streaming service does not always secure the rights and licenses for all titles. Disney+ users may have to wait until Disney acquires the rights and licenses to stream Life Size and other classic movies.

Pending Renovations and Remakes

Disney+ also holds back titles with pending renovations or remakes. With Life Size 2 currently in the works, and the sequel scheduled to release on Freeform in December 2020, it makes sense that Disney+ is waiting to stream the original Life Size until the sequel has been broadcast.

Other Factors

Other factors may also play a role in why Life Size is not available to stream on Disney+. These may include:

    • Competition: Disney+ might be currently negotiating with competitors over the streaming rights for the movie.
    • Length: It is possible that Life Size does not meet the minimum length requirements for Disney+ titles.
    • Sequels: Disney+ could be waiting to bundle Life Size and its sequel into one streaming package.

In conclusion, there are many factors behind why Life Size is not yet available to stream on Disney+. However, fans of the movie can rest assured that its highly anticipated sequel will soon be released and the original may be available to stream shortly afterwards.

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