Glenn Villeneuve, long-time cast member of the popular television show Life Below Zero, made waves on the fan-favorite show for 13 seasons. In 2019, he suddenly became absent from the show, leaving viewers to question why he was dropped in the first place.

History on the Show


Glenn Villeneuve first debuted on the show Life Below Zero in 2013. For the following 6 years, Glenn Villeneuve appeared on the show as a regular cast member, and began to forge a strong relationship with the audience. He was featured living in the Alaskan Bush and engaging the audience with stories of his day to day life.

What Happened to Glenn?

Come mid 2019, Glenn Villeneuve suddenly became absent from the show. Reports from Reality Blurred suggested that he had been dropped from the show for financial reasons; The National Geographic Channel was reportedly having difficulty providing the wages he was asking for.

Statements from Other Cast Members

Other cast members from the show, such as Sue Aikens, had much to say about Glenn’s sudden removal from the show. On a YouTube video from the National Geographic Channel, Sue Aikens commented on Glenn’s absence and said, “It was very difficult to go through that, to not have him here.”

Summary of Why Glenn Was Dropped

To sum up, Glenn Villeneuve was dropped from the show Life Below Zero in 2019 due to the National Geographic Channel’s inability to provide him with the wages he was asking for. His absence was acknowledged and regretted by other cast members of the show, leaving fans to speculate what could have been if he had stayed on.

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