A popular fan theory among Star Wars fans is the possible return of Ben Solo, otherwise known as Kylo Ren, to the fold of the light side.

Is Ben Solo Alive?

In the recent films of the saga, Ben is believed to have died in the ‘Rise of Skywalker’ after restoring the power of balance to the Force with his mother, Leia Organa. However, some fans still speculate that he may have survived and is still alive in some way.

Bringing Ben Solo Back

Could it be possible for Ben Solo to come back to life? Some fans believe that the Force can bring him back in one form or another. After all, one of the main hallmarks of the Star Wars universe is its emphasis on the power of the Force to change people’s lives.

How Ben Could Come Back

There are several ways that Ben Solo could come back to life. Some fans believe that he could come back in the form of a Force ghost, while others speculate that he could be physically resurrected.

    • Force Ghost – The Force Ghosts in Star Wars have been seen to lead people in their missions and show them the right path. It’s possible that Ben Solo could be resurrected as a Force Ghost and continue to help guide others in the light side of the Force.
    • Rebirth – Another popular theory is that Ben could be resurrected through a mystical ritual of rebirth. This could be done using the power of the Force, allowing Ben to come back in a new body.
    • Death Star Resurrection – Lastly, it’s been speculated that Ben could be brought back to life through the power of the Death Star, which has powerful capabilities. It’s possible that the Death Star could be used to resurrect Ben, though this is far from a certainty.


Whether Ben Solo will come back to life or not, only time will tell. His legacy lives on through the legacy of the Skywalker family, and his influence is still felt in the worlds of Star Wars. Only time will tell if Ben Solo returns, but his memory will always remain in our hearts.

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