Will Colson and Frank Barnes are two of the most beloved characters in the movie franchise Fast and Furious. The two of them together have created some of the best scenes in the movies, and many people have sworn that the two of them have the perfect chemistry. But what would they be like in real life?


Will Colson has a distinct personality – he’s a no-nonsense type of guy, always looking out for others and never afraid to speak his mind. He takes responsibility for his actions and works hard to ensure others are safe and secure. In addition, he’s loyal to a fault, and always looks out for number one.

Frank Barnes is more of the opposite – he’s always looking for trouble, loves the thrill of the chase, and loves to take risks. He’s often seen as the wild-child of the group, always pushing boundaries and never fearing the consequences. He’s always in search of a challenge, always looking for an opportunity to prove himself, and never afraid to do the wrong thing.

How Would They Behave in Real Life?

Will Colson would undoubtedly be an excellent leader in real life, always looking out for others and never afraid to take charge. He would be a reliable friend who would always have your back, as well as someone you can depend on when things get tough.

Frank Barnes, on the other hand, would be that wild friend who pushes you to take risks and go on extraordinary adventures. He would be the one to talk you into late night trips, always steering the group and leading the way. He would be the one to get you into trouble, but also the one who would always take the blame for it.


Will Colson and Frank Barnes are two characters who have made the Fast and Furious franchise great. They have a unique chemistry between them, and it is clear to see why they are such beloved characters. In real life, they’re both would be great people to have in your life, although they’d behave quite differently. Will would be the dependable one who always has your back, while Frank would be the one who is always pushing you to do something a bit crazy.

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