Will Gaffney is an independent singer/songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry. His most recent release, Proof of Life, is a collection of stripped back and honest songs that showcase his extraordinary songwriting talent.

Striking Lyrics

Releasing universally acclaimed singles such as “Away For Good“and “Oceans“, Gaffney has forged a sound that is uniquely his own, dealing with emotions and experiences of life’s hardships and joys. His lyrics are striking and often quite candid, providing an insightful reflection of modern life.

Melodic Acoustic Layers

Gaffney’s music is composed of layered acoustic sounds and gentle melodies, creating a background of gentle, comforting sound. His expert production choices inject a vibrancy and energy that carry the emotive impact of his songs.

Unique Musical Character

Will Gaffney’s unique musical character has earned him strong support from music fans and critics all around the world. With a passionate delivery and lyrical style unlike any other, Gaffney’s sound is truly a breath of fresh air.

Profoundly Moving Music

Proof of Life is a profoundly moving collection of music that showcases Gaffney’s immense talent. The songs will resonate with listeners.


    • Away For Good – A driving and ambitious track.
    • Oceans – The thoughtful and contemplative second single.
    • When This Is Over – A hopeful and uplifting piano-led track.
    • The Stars Are Out Tonight – An intense and energetic anthem.

Will Gaffney’s latest release Proof of Life is an album of intricate and heartfelt music and songwriting. His soulful vocal performance, his layered acoustic and melodic soundscape, and his emotive and passionate lyrics make it an album that needs to be heard.

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